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The IVS 360TM support team recognise the risks associated with repairing and maintaining electric and hybrid electric vehicles, and so only provide technical support on these vehicles to technicians who have completed the appropriate training.

Opus IVS fully endorses the IMI TechSafe campaign to ensure independent garages meet the growing demand for electric vehicle maintenance and repair. This essential campaign is bringing automotive workshops together to ensure that technicians are appropriately trained to service, maintain, and repair electric vehicles safely.

Learn more about the IMI TechSafe campaign and latest news here.

Sending us your qualifications (via the form) enables the team to deliver the correct level of support, whilst ensuring that the vehicle you are working on is repaired safely, accurately and efficiently. Your qualifications should be a level 2 or 3 IMI electric vehicle accreditation, or its equivalent.
  • Level 2 qualifications cover general maintenance and repair excluding high voltage electrical systems
  • Level 3 qualifications cover diagnosing faults on high voltage systems and replacing high voltage components
As an additional aid, we may also ask to look at the vehicle using the camera on your phone. To enable us to do this, you will need to download the Rescue Lens app from the Apple Store or Play Store.
If you do not have an electric vehicle qualification, then visit our training page for details on how to obtain a qualification.
  • Support is only provided if the company has a valid support contract.
  • Opus IVS reserve the right to refuse support if the correct PPE or tools are not available, or, if the environmental conditions are not suitable.
  • Privacy Policy Note – proof of ID is used by Opus IVS to check that we are providing support to the correct person. Our full Privacy Policy can be viewed here.