Bringing together the advanced technologies of your DrivePro device and the expert knowledge of Opus IVS' OEM-Trained Master Technicians

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RAP and Remote Services

Whether you're an Automotive Repair, Collision Workshop or a Technician, we understand that J2534 Programming can be a difficult task, but Opus IVS have developed an easy-to-use solution to help you finish the job correctly, keeping the vehicle in your workshop, along with increasing profits and customer satisfaction.

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RAP and Remote Services brings together the advanced technologies of your DrivePro device and the expert knowledge of Opus IVS's OEM-Trained Master Technicians through its unique Remote Assist Program, designed to support you remotely on the toughest of jobs, quickly and efficiently.

With this simple solution, it really is as easy as calling the RAP team and letting us do it for you.

The Benefits

  • Available on-demand – only pay for it when you need it!
  • No need to sign up, install or use the VM Pass-Thru application.
  • Book in complex programming jobs with confidence – no need to refer to a dealership or call in specialist help.
  • Cost effective and self-funding pricing model which generates additional revenue for the workshop.
  • Increases workshop efficiency – an Opus IVS Master Technician takes over at your convenience and completes the job for you!
  • Removes the need for expert in-house programming knowledge per VM brand.
  • Fully controlled by Opus IVS Master Technicians - reducing the possibility of programming failures.
  • Pre and post programming checks enabling a complete end to end solution.
The Benefits

How To Access RAP

How does RAP work?
1. Access RAP and Remote Services from DrivePro.
2. Contact the RAP team on +44 (0) 1865 870050 and book and pay (Credit Card) for your programming session.
3. A RAP and Remote Services Master Technician will contact you and begin pre-programming checks, including confirmation of the availability of a suitable BSU (Battery Support Unit).
5. The RAP and Remote Services Master Tech will check the vehicle for available software updates and provide you with a results report.
6. A Programming session is confirmed and initiated by the RAP and Remote Services Master Technician.
7. Post programming checks are carried out, including a full read/clear of all DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).
8. Once your RAP and Remote Services session is complete, you will receive a full update from your RAP and Remote Services Technician.
Pay Per Programming Event - Pricing
RAP and Remote Services is an optional service and is charged per programming event at £95.
Additional RAP and Remote Services fees apply with Volvo programming events.

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  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Nissan

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