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Renault - Hands-free locking systems inoperative

Technical articles
POSTED 07 February 2022

Renault - Hands-free locking systems inoperative


Renault Megane and Scenic (2002 – 2009)


Hands-free locking systems inoperative


A Renault Megane and Scenic (2002 – 2009) hands-free locking systems will become inoperative after being unused for a long period of time. This usually happens if the vehicle is left for more than 72 hours.

On normal operation, approaching the car and clasping the door handle will unlock these vehicles. Or, to re-initialise the sensors, clasping and pulling the door handle will wake up the system.


It is often the case that these techniques do not work, and therefore our Opus IVS Master Technicians suggest that you:

1. Enter car by pressing the unlock button on the Keycard (if the Keycard does not work remove key blade from the Keycard and insert in door lock under passenger side door handle plastic cover).

2. Put the Keycard into the card reader and start vehicle.

3. Switch off, remove the Keycard and exit vehicle.

4. Close doors and walk out of access zone (at least 1.5 metres away).

5. Normal hands free operation should now return.