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Opus IVSTM helps independent automotive workshops repair the most complex vehicles fast with diagnostics, programming and live repair guidance from OE brand-specific master technicians.

Why You Can Invest With Confidence

We eliminate the uncertainty, so you can be sure of getting the most complex vehicles back on the road, with better efficiency and increased profitability.

You’ll get live repair guidance from IVS 360™ as our OE brand-specific master technicians can remote directly to vehicles.

Our products and services are used in over 50,000 workshops around the world.

Our solutions

Mechanical Repair Solutions

Confidence to repair the most complex vehicles fast with in-depth diagnostics.

IVS 360™ Live Repair Guidance

IVS 360™ live diagnostic repair guidance for efficient complex vehicle repairs.

RAP & Remote Programming

RAP & Remote Coding services ensure you keep all jobs in house.

What our DriveProTM and IVS 360TM customers say

coles automotive
"On the 2018 Ford Transit 2.2D, I found the connector plug right where you suggested to check. There was contamination on the plug, so I cleaned it up and applied some electrical grease to the connectors as guided. The PCM now powers down after the BCM has shut down. Thanks for the help"
~ Shaun Grice (Master Technician), Coles Automotive
"Just called to say thank you to Arber for the support on this vehicle. The aftermarket MAP sensor was reading wrong just as you'd advised. I swapped the sensor with a genuine part and all is working well now. Really happy with the Ford support today."
~ Neil Lisowski (Master Technician), Full Circle Services Ltd
john hornes garage
"Found the connector plug as you'd advised, which was poorly connected.
I removed, cleaned, and then re-joined it – and now it’s all working correctly. Thanks for the support."
~ David Nethersole, John Horne's Garage

Want to Find Out More?

For more information, or to discuss the ideal Opus IVS Solution for your workshop, contact our sales team.

UK +44 (0) 1865 870 060
US and Canada +1 (877) 945-6442
Australia +61 (03) 8561 7600

E-mail sales-uk@opusivs.com